We are a company, specialized in Technology, Education and Social Studies. We dedicate great effort to achieve optimum impact on the society by serving in innovative Technology areas of IT, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Digital Citizenship, along with Educational and Social areas of Leadership, Management, Social Equality and Equall Opportunities for all.


We provide our expertise, trainings and R&D in IT, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Data Science and Digital Citizenship with highly qualified subject experts.


We provide diverse educational services including pedagogical modifications of IT subjects into learning achievements aligned with what today’s fast paced information shift requires. To do so, we work with education experts with high qualifications (PhDs) from the top universities of Europe and Worldwide.


We pay specific attention to provide equal opportunities for all and committed to a human rights-based approach to disabilities and inequalities where through social sciences, we try to provide effective studies and practical support for people with NEETs, vulnerabilities, from socially and educationally disadvataged environments and people with disabilities.


We believe in the power of creation of new educational programs aligned with new tecnological concepts, so that technology can be better comprehended/understood by anyone, in this way, we can create a strong impact concerning technology’s rapidly developing format and matching them with necessary educational theories/approaches.


Our experts with academic skills and experiences provide comprehensive research and development services to report the latest developments in Technology, Education and Social Sciences.


We provide specifically designed trainings at various levels, in in-person and e-learning/online formats to equip learners with the latest knowledge, with innovative pedagogies, with practical, hands-on and actual company work-based learning formats and interactions with real subject experts (ex. Cybersecurity, AI, Data Science experts).

We have deep knowledge of IT market trends and needs, competence, experience and professionalism of our staff obtained in over many years of study/activity in their specific fields.

We also pay great attention to simplify technical IT subjects into basic learning formats to enable learners at any level to better comprehend IT disciplines.

We provide professional trainings for young people, youth workers, adults from various folks of life and sectors, for companies, schools, educational organisations, public and private institues, NGOs and others.


We define specific purposes for our trainees to respond their passion, plans and career needs where we target talents to respond to an increasingly dynamic and competitive job market, to transform their passion into a profession/work.


At the heart of this company are people, united by a passion for building a world where all people are valued, respected and can achieve their full potential. Our company’s team of experts have a track record of working across various sectors and community service. As professional project leaders and academics, we have a wealth of expertise of working in partnership to make a real impact on achievement. Our people have significant experience of working with research and data to drive improvement, in various local, national and international projects, and they have extensive backgrounds in bringing leadership skills combined with a robust knowledge of what drives improvement. Our team provides the highest level of commitment, expertise and skills to ensure that our work has a lasting impact and is based on the latest research and good practice. To provide the best service and opportunities for all, we are proud of our great multi-disciplinary team of experts along with other freelancers and contract-based subject experts that we collaborate.

Dr.Diptangshu Pandit,IT and AI Expert

Dr. Pandit, PhD in computer science, a highly motivated expert in computer science with various publications, received grants, project management and grant writing experiences. His main research areas and expertise include AI and information security, cyber security, human-computer interaction, AI,  developing language programmes, cloud computing and blockchain and purpose-driven mobile application development.

Dr. Mon Partovi

Education Expert, Adult/Youth Education 

Dr. Partovi holds MA and PhD in Education, faculy member at the University of Cambridge. Talented academic and trainer concerning integrating people with fewer opportunities into society, skilled manager and organizer of international training programs throughout Europe.

Dr. Ranjit Dinakaran, AI, Deep Learning and IT Expert                 Dr. Dinakaran, MS and PhD in Computer Engineering, expert in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks. He has strong private sector working and networking skills such as Mitsubishi Electric and skilled trainer of IT, AI and IT Networks areas with high professional qualifications.

Dr. Eyup Bayram Guzel 

IT Education Specialist

Dr. Guzle, PhD in Educational Technologies, an expert in planning, writing, managing and evaluating Erasmus Plus and International projects. Dr. Guzle has secured various EU grants in which he has provided diverse IT focused teaching and training courses across Europe. Dr. Guzle is a productive writer and manager with expertise in planning and executing projects, network creation and professional cooperations among public and private institutions, companies, schools and NGOs.

Dr. Mohamed Albashir Omar

Information and Cyber Security Expert

Dr. Omar, PhD in computer science, excellent teaching and academic skills with many publications and research concerning ICT, computer networks, information security, cyber security and AI. Skilled trainer throughout Europe with great teaching skills, market knowledge and IT industry wide networks.

Dr. Eli Gemegah 

Education Expert (Youth Work Director)

Dr. Eli Gemegah, PhD in Education, interested and passioned about developmental disabilities, particularly autism (ASD), public policy and social change. Dr. Gemegah is experienced in Erasmus Plus projects with various expertise.

Dr. Sofia Mastrokoukou, Social Work Expert (Youth/Adult Work)

Dr. Sofia, PhD from the University of Milano, MSc in Public Policy and Social Change (Collegio Carlo Alberto, Italy), Master of Science (Master di secondo livello) in Educational and Psychological Methods from the University of L’Aquila. Her research interests include cross-cultural communication and comparative analysis of European legislation on people with disabilities and talented trainer.